Brazeiro Combos Servings for 1 or 2 people. All combos are accompanied with your choice of 2 sides.
Brazeiro Combos
Sides Pair your meal with additional accompaniments taste Brazeiro's authentic Brazilian flavors.
Special Dishes
Dinner For 2
Family Combos
Catering / Large Groups Brazeiro is now accommodating all your needs. Let us help you with your events, weddings, birthdays, or gatherings. We can have your favorite plates delivered or available for pick up at any time. Call us to help you with all your party needs. From you favorite prime cuts like picanha, skirt steak churrasco, pork ribs, chicken drumsticks, and more. Call us to find out more (201)766-2683
Desserts, Coffee, Tea, Espresso, Cappucnio Home-made Brazilian desserts, perfect to end every occasion with a sweet note.
LUNCH Specials
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